Notice:Our spring opening finished on May 19th for 2024. Thank you for coming and we look forward to seeing you in spring 2025..!

A magical Garden

Peony Garden Tokyo is a wonderland of peonies. When blooming the garden is alive with people, birds and the fresh aroma of flowers.  


With over 50,000 peony varieties, Peony Garden Tokyo is one of the largest peony gardens in the world. This heritage garden is home to lush, greenery, placid lake, habitat birds, and a variety of natural delights.

Explore the park and some of the flowers you can find during the season below.

Peony Garden Tokyo Map


What You'll Find

Peony Garden Tokyo is unlike any other peony garden.  Here are a few amazing things you'll find at this magical garden.

  The oldest flowering peony in Japan - over 150 years old!
  50,000+ tree peonies - The largest collection of peonies in Japan.
  Unique tree and stem peonies not found anywhere in the world.
  Organic soil and all natural gardening.
  A scenic crater bowl lake 
  Birds: heron and kingfisher
  A wide variety of flowers: Alpine roses, ancient kalmia trees, azaleas, and rhododendron irises

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Peony Name


The garden is large, so be sure to take a moment and relax in one of our more secluded areas. Chairs are available so you can take in the beauty, an feel the spirit of the garden.


All of that walking and site seeing is sure to work up your appetite. Don’t worry, though. We have a full restaurant for you to enjoy some our local cuisine and taste peony.